Residential and commercial building

48, Kralja Milana IV

Luxury Residential
and business space
in an ideal location

This residential and commercial building is located in Kragujevac, on the corner of Kralja Milana IV and Dalmatinska Streets. The settlement of Vasariste, especially the part where the facility is located, is one of the most attractive parts of the city at the moment, due to its extremely favorable location.

Various facilities, especially educational, sports, recreational and health, are located next to and near the facility – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Medical, Economic and Technical High School, Jovan Popovic Elementary School, student dormitory, City Park and the new Creative Park, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, tennis courts, “Cika Daca” stadium, gyms, trim track and Sumarice settlement, Clinical Center Kragujevac, shops, restaurants, etc. Each of these facilities is within a 10-minute walk.

The city center is 1.5 km away.

0 m2
useful surface
garage spaces

Perfect location

Building floors are Po + P + Gal. + 5. The gross area of ​​the building is 2358 m² without a basement. The building is a combination of modern and contemporary design and top quality materials.

There are 27 apartments and 3 shops on the ground floor with a gallery. Parking spaces are provided for each apartment and shop. Parking spaces are distributed in the yard and in two rooms of the underground garage. A passenger elevator is available on all levels of the building, including the basement garage and gallery.

The underfloor heating system is implemented through every apartment and shop, natural gas will be used as an energy source. In combination with Italian ceramics as a floor covering, efficient and economical heating, comfort, easy room maintenance and an aesthetically more pleasant space free of radiators are enabled.